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December 11, 2018

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Design your online store as you have imagined it

Today digital dynamics influence the majority of purchases in the world, with numbers that grow exponentially year after year.

Digital commerce has leapt ahead of the idea of ​​”shop window on a website” and has gone to embrace a series of interactions, technologies and methods that need continuous investigation.

in the last 10 years, eCommerce is the only sector in the world that has recorded a steady double-digit growth, a trend that is also confirmed for the near future with exponential prospects, also thanks to the spread of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, logistics 2.0, etc …

In short, eCommerce looks like the new hen with golden eggs, an incredible business opportunity in which everyone wants to throw.

Where design and productivity unite there is the brand new Webflow e-commerce platform.

Thanks to total design freedom, Webflow has given the world a completely customizable tool that allows you to create fantastic animated and interactive layouts, allowing you to customize each individual digital sales experience.

No code knowledge will be required, just think about the e-store and realize it in Webflow, visually.

From product grids and pages, down to shopping carts, checkout flows, delivery and payment systems, you’ll be able to handle your store, full stop.

Furthermore, the Webflow ecommerce allows you to easily import products from other platforms in CSV format.

And this is where Udesly intervenes. The new series of recently published converters allow to export the products managed by various platforms and upload them in Webflow in just a few steps.

If you have an online store hosted on WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Squarespace or Wix, you can now decide to redesign its layout in Webflow without having to reload the products of your stock over again and enjoy the dynamism and customization that this platform makes available to its users.

The procedure is very simple. Once the products have been exported from the currently used platform, they must be uploaded to the Udesly APP which will convert them into a CSV file ready to be imported into Webflow.

So you just have to go to and start managing your e-commerce in an autonomous and completely customizable way, as only Webflow can do.

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