Udesly Adapter Crash Course

June 28, 2018

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Udesly crash course is designed to introduce or reinforce the utilization of Udesly Adapter, the first tool that allows to design your site in Webflow and connect it to WordPress, in a few explanatory concepts. This helps you to start to design with greater confidence and comprehension.

In a very short time, we’ll cover all the steps to follow to make the Adapter work perfectly, from the preliminary phase of minimum requested requirements check to the putting online of the exported project.

In the first video we’ll introduce a general overview about the main features of the Udesly Adapter. We’ll see how to download it, how to configure the Udesly plugin and how to prepare to its utilization.

In the second video we’ll get into the core of this. The template configuration is a phase that must be carefully addressed. Following these simple steps, you will be able to sleep safely at night. We’ll cover how to configure and use the main features as the Blog, Forms or Boxes. You can also benefit from the ready to use Elements that you only hve to copy and past into your Webflow project.

In the third video we will approach the export and conversion of the Webflow template, using the Udesly Adapter, to get our website working.

Finally, in the latest video, we will explore the Udesly Adapter by a generic sightseeing of its major features.

So, the crash course is the quickest way to learn using the Udesly Adapter and get the basic info to start new awesome projects with Webflow and WordPress.

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