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October 12, 2018

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The first integration between Webflow and Shopify

How our aficionados know, the watchword at Udesly is integration.

After having integrated Webflow to WordPress and WooCommerce, the turn has come for the integration between our beloved Webflow and one of the main e-commerce platform currently on the table: Shopify.

For those few who do not know it, Shopify’ semplicity, combined to its huge versatility, make it the most complete platform to start and continue an e-commerce project, autonomously and safely. These two values elevate Shopify to the top of the segment.

Shopify adapts to every business need: for those who need a complete e-commerce platform from the first day or those who prefer to develop it from scratch.

With three types of subscription plans and an app store that offers different extensions for customizing the online store, Shopify is highly modular.

Well, this is where Udesly intervenes. Imagine how functional but also nice to see an e-commerce whose template was created on Webflow and contains all the options and features offered by Shopify would be.

This is possible thanks to the Udesly Adapter. In this way users can use the best visual design tool ever to create a complete Shopify Theme and manage their store easily.

The possibility to customize its own store, without writing even a line of code, are endless and, to save time, Udesly has made available a Starter Theme from which start quickly.

Finally, it should be emphasized that no compatibility problem is evident: the awesome Webflow animations and interactions will work properly in the Shopify Theme, such as Webflow default Forms.

In short, another powerful tool has been made available to make you able to manage your work in an autonomous and completely customizable way. Do not miss it on udesly.com

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