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September 4, 2018

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Woocommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for the creation and the management of online stores. It’s used by thousands of people worldwide and it’s able to ensure the widest performance in terms of trading system.

Webflow is a modern tool to build professional and one hundred percent responsive websites. It definitely allows to work visually, with no need to access the code, which manifests semantically clean and effective.

Well, what’s the contact point between these two close but at the same time far away tools? Simple answer: Udesly!

After several months of exhaunsting work, endless meetings and liters of coffee, we team at the Udesly can finally announce the first integration between WooCommerce and Webflow!

Thanks to the Udesly Adapter, a simple tool allowing to design your site entirely in Webflow and connect it to WordPress, you guys can use Webflow to design visually with pixel accuracy and manage any content in WordPress. Many features and functionalities accompany the Adapter: a Frontend Editor that let your clients to make changes to their pages directly on the front-end of their website, instantly; a Login Area to create Login/Register forms directly in Webflow and manage your users with WordPress; a complete Blog system and now the possibility to create and handle a complete e-commerce systems in all its features.

Pixel by pixel, you can create your online store, sparing no details in terms of design and run the whole thing from WooCommerce admin panel on WordPress.

This is not over: to facilitate the use of this system, you can join the full range of its components already prepped to be used. Just enter the “Elements” section, a list of clonable elements you can copy and paste into your Webflow project and get ready to use with WordPress. In this way, you won’t have to configure each single element because we’ve already done for you. Cool, isn’t it?

WooCommerce for Webflow is an important shot for you webdesigners and your clients who need a nice and effective online window. Don’t let it get away.

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