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May 15, 2018

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The hype is tangible, web-designers all around the world can’t wait to get their hands on the very first Webflow E-Commerce platform on which the San Franciscan Company announced it’s working on.

The approach is the right one: a totally customizable and all-embracing E-Commerce platform will enter into our built in Webflow sites pretty soon.

No code knowledge will be required, just think about the e-store and realize it in Webflow, visually.

From product grids and pages, down to shopping carts, checkout flows, delivery and payment systems, you’ll be able to handle your store, full stop.

Get out of pre-set E-Commerce layouts: the Custom Product grids will allow to create the template you’re looking for, pixel by pixel, visually.

Also the Product page is going to be customizable in all of its aspects and an amazing shopping experience is forecasted with a lot of animation, options and controls.

The Checkout page is totally permeable to your needs. As they say: “Your site. Your design”.

The first release will include:

  • Customize shipping options and rates
  • Sell products in 130+ currencies
  • Automatic tax calculation and custom rules
  • Sell and manage product variations

but much more is planned.

The wait is nearly over, in the meantime enjoy the official preview: https://webflow.com/ecommerce


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